Frequently Asked Questions

Bookssorted is an Australian company specialising in payroll services for IT contractors nationally. We also help contractors across a range of industries. We are a team of passionate payroll specialists who love what we do!

Bookssorted payroll service have been helping contractors manage and maximise their pay since 2005.

When do you want to get paid? Your payment frequency can be customised to suit your needs. Either fortnightly or monthly, our friendly team will process your pay on the frequency you need.
And we know it's not just the frequency that matters, it’s the day. So here at Bookssorted, we run a payroll every day, except public holidays. This means we can align with your agency or client payroll schedule to keep everything running smoothly.
Our payroll specialists are here to make your pay hassle-free.

At Bookssorted, we pay via electronic banking (EFT), which means funds are transferred directly into your account. Usually, you will receive cleared funds by midnight the day we process your pay, or by the following morning. It's that easy!

At Bookssorted, we offer salary sacrificing solutions that allow contractors to increase their net income (sometimes by as much as 30 per cent) by implementing legal tax reduction strategies. There are a number of business expenses that can be salary sacrificed just get in touch with the team and they can help you understand these fully.

First, be sure to keep your receipts, you’ll need them for your tax records (physical receipts often fade, so snap a photo of them to keep your records electronically).
Then, make sure your expenses relate to your current contract (check with us if in doubt) and then submit all your claims to us at the end of your next pay cycle and we’ll salary sacrifice them in your next pay.
Our payroll services team are always available to chat or email you through the process to make it as easy as possible.

When you sign up with Bookssorted, we will align your payment with your recruiters pay cycle, or you can chat with us and we’ll help you determine the best payroll schedule for you. We’ll then send you a text message on payment day and your pay day is shown in the top right hand corner of your payslip, which we will email to you.

Our payroll specialists team make signing up to our Bookssorted payroll service as quick and as easy as possible. Call us or email us and we can have you signed up in minutes, so you can go quickly back to concentrating on your new contract role.

This can vary from person to person. Check with your recruitment agency as they will have a frequency determined with your client organisation. When you sign up with Bookssorted we will also forward you a copy of your pay cycle. If you are having trouble finding your payroll frequency, call us and we’ll help you out!

We do need your approved timesheet to be able to pay you appropriately. So we ask that you provide your timesheet to us by 5pm on a Monday.

While the payroll services team do love helping, timesheet approval is one task we need to leave to you to arrange with your manager.

Yes, (and kudos to you for thinking about your future!). We can organise additional super to be paid in to your super fund via Salary Sacrifice. To do this you’ll need to complete a super form, which we can provide you.

The simple answer is yes; LAFHA is still available however, each scenario is different so we’ll need to discuss your situation with you to ensure you can claim it.

To claim LAFHA you must be moving interstate for work, the allowance is available for up to 12 months and you must maintain your domicile home and ensure it is available for you to use at all times. LAFHA is taken pre-tax like any other salary sacrifice expense and covers accommodation and meals. The meal allowance is set by the ATO annually. Please call our payroll specialists if you have any further queries regarding LAFHA.

As a PAYG contractor you are covered for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance – up to $20,000,000 each. These are the insurances you are required to have to work as a contractor.

Yes our payroll services can be utilised on any contract, all you need to do is put us in touch with your agency or company and we’ll sort out the paperwork.

We have a pay calculator that can help you understand your payment. If you are looking to salary sacrifice a motor vehicle or claim LAFHA please call the team and we will be more than happy to calculate a pay slip for you

Our rate will always remain 1.75% and covers all services and insurances with two exceptions

  • Payment in Advance. If you require to be paid before we receive payment from your recruiter then our rate changes 2.5%. This is necessary to cover the cost of financing the payment
  • Rates under $60/hour. Rates under $60/hour incurs a flat fee of $1.60/hour instead of the usual 1.75%. If the rate is less than $60/hour and you wish to be paid in advance then our rate is a flat $2/hour